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Some SF, fantasy, and obscure LGBT, mixed with travel, photography theory and women authors, in French and English.

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L'île de Yule (Paperback, Français language, Calmann-Levy) No rating

Le coeur battant, Emma Lindahl cogne à la porte du manoir dressé sur une petite …

If you're fan of the genre

No rating

I picked this book because I'd just photographed the author -- who is super nice -- on the very island where the action is happening. Maybe brutal crime novels aren't too much my thing anymore, all the POV characters withhold information, in one case it works really well, in the others, not so much...

Planetfall (2015, Ace) 4 stars

One secret withheld to protect humanity’s future might be its undoing…

Renata Ghali believed in …

A really good read

4 stars

A really good read, the main character is nuanced and the plot strong -- even though the trope "I have a really dark secret, let me tell you about it much later" is a bit overused in novels, it still works, as the story is more than just that.