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I read only nonfiction for years. Now, I'm getting back into fiction. (he/him)

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A Magic Steeped in Poison (2022, Feiwel & Friends) 3 stars

Judy I. Lin's sweeping debut A Magic Steeped in Poison, first in a duology, is …

Good story, pacing off

3 stars

The magic trials and 'battles' are really fun. But the pacing missteps derail any tension. The excitement at the end happens without any build up.

It's steeped in courtly intrigue and barbs, if you like that kind of stuff. And there's some romance, but it's one of the things that derails, so it fell flat to me. I'm not sure if I'll check out the second of the series.

The Family Fang (2011, Ecco) 4 stars

Performance artists Caleb and Camille Fang dedicated themselves to making great art. But when an …

When is the best time to read this?

4 stars

There are themes in this book that are explored in his newer novels. Do I recommend to read 'Nothing to See Here' (my favorite) first since it's plot is paraphrased in this one? Or my sister's favorite Wilson is 'Perfect Little World' which has similar themes of child rearing and abandonment. And the latest 'Now is Not the Time to Panic' admittedly uses a phrase from the Fangs.

This is a well written novel, but I personally consider Wilson's newer stuff as near-genius. I suppose take that into account and order your reading as you see fit.