Horizons of Change

Paperback, 56 pages

english language

Published June 6, 2006 by University College Falmouth.

3 stars (1 review)

From the introduction:

This book is one of the fruits of a project commissioned by the "Research in Art, Nature & Environment" (RANE) research cluster at University College Falmouth. While a thread of investigation and assessment ran through the work, and a scientific background was brought to bear, this is not a research report. It is instead situated in a contemporary arts context. The tensions and creative freedoms occasioned by this are, themselves, part of the underlying story.

1 edition

Time like a tree

3 stars

A thoughtful short art project that considers time from the perspective of a tree. The text begins with a series of photographs of trees consuming fences, barbed wire and other metal. Or perhaps the metal is moving into the tree. The text continues to consider climate science contemporary to the project alongside musings about the way that trees perceive time, and whether a fence is still a fence if a part is removed.