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Schismatrix Plus (AudiobookFormat, 2021, Brilliance Audio) 5 stars

In the last decade, Sterling has emerged a pioneer of crucial, cutting-edge science fiction. Now …


5 stars

Science fiction author Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix Plus is a collection of stories that explore the future of humanity. Sterling paints a picture of a future where humanity has left Earth behind and now lives in space. The stories follow the lives of people who are living in this future and how they are dealing with the changes that have happened to humanity.

The stories in this collection are well written and offer a look at a future that is both exciting and scary. Sterling does a good job of showing how humanity might adapt to living in space and the changes that would happen to us as a result. The stories are also thought-provoking and offer food for thought on what the future might hold for humanity.

Overall, Schismatrix Plus is an excellent collection of stories that offer a glimpse into a future that is both fascinating and frightening. Bruce …

Oderis (Hardcover, Lietuvių language, Baltos lankos) 4 stars

2050-ieji. Oderis – klestintis Vidurio Europos miestas. Neramumų draskomame žemyne jis garsėja vienus žavinčiais, kitus …

Rodos nedaug trūksta

4 stars

Dar kelios neprastesnės knygos ir patikėsiu, kad lietuvių literatūrą galima skaityt. Skaitėsi įdomiai, įtraukė, kiek nuvylė atomazga.